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PHP 5 Recipes
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PHP 5 (the new version of the world's most popular server-side scripting language) was unleashed on the world earlier this year, and has gone down a storm with PHP developers world wide - all the best loved features from PHP 4 have been maintained, including vastly improved object-oriented support, SimpleXML, SQLite, and many more. This book saves developers vast amounts of time by providing them with the complete code for all of the common coding problems they are likely to face when using PHP in their day-to-day work. Over 200 recipes will be included for topics such as math, date and time, arrays, regular expressions, variables and functions, web basics, HTML forms, database access, automation, security, graphics, internationalization and localization, and much more. As an added bonus, the book starts with an in-depth discussion of PHP 5 object-oriented techniques and methodology, to get you up to speed on OOP with PHP - where to use it, where not to use it, how to use it. OOP is revisited continually throughout the book, providing the reader with the most modern techniques available. TOC:Overview of PHP Datatypes & Concepts.- Generic Recipes.- Math Recipes.- Working with Arrays.- Working with Dates and Times.- Characters, Strings, and Files.- Working with Regular Expressions.- Variables.- Functions.- Working with Classes and.- Web Basics.- Forms.- Database Access.- Web Automation.- Working with Markup.- Encryption and Security.- Graphics.- Internationalization and Localization.- Internet Services.- Files.- Directories.

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