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Wordpress for Beginners: How to Quickly Set Up ...
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Website design with Wordpress - plus real-world tips & tricks to save you time & energy This audiobook will save you a lot of time - and time is money! Here’s my quick story and why I wrote this book: As an entrepreneur in real estate originally, I had set up on my own HTML website way back in 2006 that kept growing with property profiles and images. I had so much media and pages that I was losing track of URLs and menus, seeing as it was a static HTML site, all changes had to be done manually then ´´FTP’d” up to the hosting account, and the site had no CMS (content management system). This was very time-consuming and stressful! Thankfully we have CMSs now. Once I discovered Wordpress in 2012, it changed my online presence forever; in fact, I went wild with it and created up to 30 awesome dynamic websites using various themes and cloned pages for various online businesses I have that made life so much simpler, and the sites looked way better that the old HTML sites. You can even get Wordpress applications that manage all of your Wordpress sites in one dashboard! If you’re a newbie entrepreneur, you have to have a dynamic website today with the ability to make funnel pages and quick text or post changes. The digital economy is growing super-fast and you have to keep up with a fast dynamic website. Unless you are a programmer, you don’t have time to code pages and scripts. With Wordpress you don’t need to know programming; it is so simple to use, in one day you can have a website up and the basics live. I’m going to show you how to set up your own domain and hosted account with Wordpress that you 100% fully control and own. Having a self-hosted domain and website increases the credibility of your business. It saves you money and it helps showcase your work to a wider market. It serves as your online brochure and increases your business value. Wordpress changed the blogging and web design 1. Language: English. Narrator: John Fleming. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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